Maine / New Brunswick

Maine & New Brunswick

Downeast Maine and New Brunswick are some of my favorite places to paddle. Travelling “down east” along the Maine coastline, mariners will discover wider distances between towns, far less boat traffic and an increasing tidal range. Rugged and remote, kayaking and sailing this coastline requires skill, knowledge of the tidal environment and a certain boldness.

The photos in this album are some of my favorite shots from multiple trips. Photographs are taken in the Great Wass Island Preserve near Jonesport (ME); along the “Bold Coast” which transitions the coast from the Gulf of Maine to the Bay of Fundy; the fascinating tidal environment of Passamaquoddy Bay (Eastport & Lubec, ME and Campobello Island, NB); and the gorgeous Grand Manan Island (NB) which is located in the middle of the Bay of Fundy.

  • Photo Credits: Mark Anderson, Ryan Rushton, Haris Subacius
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