Current Concepts 2: Kayak Handling

Current Concepts 2: Kayak Handling

Kayak Handling is the second in a three part series of articles written for Ocean Paddler Magazine. With the Current Concept series, I put to paper what I teach students when paddling in tidal waters.

The focus of “Kayak Handling” is on the Tactics element of the TTPP (Technical, Tactical, Physiological and Psychological) model of paddlesport coaching. My students will recognize the PASS acronym I devised for teaching the concepts of kayak handling in current. The article discusses the concepts of Position, Angle, Speed and Stroke and then applies them to different maneuvers.  Photography is credited to Haris Subacius who captured the images at the Reversing Falls of Cobscook Bay tide race. Reversing Falls is located near Eastport, Maine and has a 25 ft (8m) tidal variance on a spring tide.

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