I have the pleasure of working with Jon Kahl, a captain out of the Seattle area (sort of). Little did I know I was getting a “package deal” when I interviewed Jon for our (Alaska Travel Adventures) Marine Operator position in Ketchikan. What I did know is that Jon would be an asset to our team. During our phone interview, Jon told me that he had left his career as a DOT Accident Investigator to sail the world with his wife (Elise) and son (Jude). Our second interview was via Skype and Jon was near Cabo San Lucas at the time.

Jon arrived at the start of the season and Elise and Jude joined him in mid-May. At our June staff barbecue, I learned that Elise was a graphic designer by trade. Perfect! ATA was in need of new tour t-shirts and finding a designer on the island was a challenge that I needn’t undertake in the middle of the season. Elise devised some fantastic designs for our tour t-shirts and then we started speaking of the logo I wanted for The Open Coast.

I definitely wanted the logo to represent Alaska, the freedom of the open coast and the dynamic water on which I love paddling. I think the finished product meets the target! There are multiple “Alaskan” elements in the logo. Can you spot them? What do you think?

In addition to graphic design, Elise designs and manufactures her own jewelry. The jewelry is inspired by her travels around the world with Jon and Jude on their sailboat. Here is a link to the website for Elise & Co. https://www.eliseandco.store/

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